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Let’s face it; business trips are just not conducive to staying healthy. You’ll encounter tables of starchy, sugar-packed breakfast pastries and coffee. You’ll have your stress levels provoked by the rigors of travel and high-pressure meetings. You probably won’t get a good night’s rest either.

All these things send stress through the roof. Stress makes you want to eat more and the vicious cycle continues. You might come home from the trip with new business contacts or a new client, but it might also come with 10 extra pounds.

Even when we’ve established a good routine of exercise and eating at home, a change of venue can throw things out of track pretty quickly. However, just because your gym and equipment is at home, doesn’t mean you have to give up on getting in a good workout while traveling for business. It also doesn’t mean spending hours in the hotel gym.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some easy workouts you can do almost anywhere that only use your body weight.

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The flexibility travel workout can be used to warm up for some cardio or to unwind and release stress after a long day. This travel workout uses some standard stretch and yoga poses to get your muscles warmed up and ready for the day.

A pulled muscle or charley horse will probably negatively impact the fitness and business aspects of your trip, so warm up right with this simple travel workout. Many of these workouts are basically yoga moves:

Cat-cow – This stretch will help loosen your back and shoulders. It is an instant tension reliever. Start on all fours and suck in your stomach while moving your shoulders downward, then reverse the pose by bringing your neck and shoulders up as you look skyward while bending your back downward.

Standing backbend – This one is an instant stiffness reducer. Start out in a position as if you’re going to change a light bulb, then bend backwards forming a seven-like shape with your back.

Downward facing dog – Perhaps, the most well-known yoga pose, downward facing dog is a great stretch for your whole body. Start with your waist high and your head facing toward the ground. You will be in a triangle-like shape. Bring your head and torso forward into a “mermaid” pose with your waist on the ground and your torso and face lifted upward.

Crescent lunge – This one can help you avoid “charley horses” and cramping leg muscles during busy days. Lift your hands above your head and bend back slightly backwards. Lean forward with one leg into a lunge position, straightening the other leg behind you. Then alternate sides.

Wide-leg forward fold – This pose is a great lower back stretch. Keep your legs straight and kneecaps lifted in a wide-leg stance. Draw your should blades together and bend down to touch your ankles.

Triangle – You will feel yourself loosen up all over with this move. Make an X shape with your arms and legs spread wide, then bend backwards and twist your torso to one side. One arm touches the ground parallel to the knee and the other reaches upward. Look upward to stretch your neck as well.

Wide-leg standing twist – This one stretches out shoulders and neck muscles for extra flexibility. Make an X shape with your arms and legs wide. Then bend forward so your torso is at a 90-degree angle. Rotate so one hand touches the ground and the other reaches upward. Turn your neck to face the upward arm for a complete stretch.



This ten-minute cardio travel workout will get your heart pumping and boost your metabolism throughout the day. You can do this travel workout just about anywhere.

Squats – Squats are one of the best travel workout moves ever as they involve almost all muscle groups and joints in a safe way. Bend your knees as if you’re going to sit on a chair while keeping you back straight. Your chest should be parallel with your knees. Squat until your arms come close to the ground.

Jumping Squats – Kick up the cardio a notch with this modification. Perform the squat as mentioned above but when coming out of it jump upward and then return to the squat position.

Burpees – Burpees are considered to be one of the most strenuous cardio moves for travel workouts but they work out more muscles than most other moves. Start in a push-up position and quickly jump forward into a squat, then burst upward into a jump. Now reverse it back into the push-up position.

Jumping Jacks – Boost your metabolism throughout the day by doing a round of jumping jacks. Jump and land with your legs apart and then back together. As you continue the jumping rhythm, claps your hands above your head at the apex of the jump.

Mountain Climbers – Great for core strengthening and calorie burning. Staring in a push-up position, bring one knee toward your chest and then back. Alternate quacking for a “running in place” type motion while remaining in a push up position.



Strength training can super charge your metabolism for almost 48 hours. You can burn up to 100 calories a day more even when resting if you regularly do strength training.

You don’t need a set of weights or a gym, just your own body weight using this plan travel workout. You can find more strength workout here.

Spiderman push-ups – This one works out chest and arm muscles. Perform a normal pushup, and at the apex of the move, bring one leg up to touch your elbow. Alternate sides.

Wide-Grip Pushups – Work out different back and chest muscles with this variation. These are performed much like a normal push-up but your hands should touch the ground outside of your shoulders instead of beneath them.

Close-Grip Pushups – The opposite of wide-grip, these travel workout pushups work different core, shoulder and chest muscles. Your hands should be just below your chest as you come in and out of a pushup position.

Bird Dog – Another great core strengthener. Starting on all fours, extend one arm and the opposite leg. You will feel your core muscles support the balancing act. Then switch legs and arms.

Wall Sit – Another tough one that engages your leg muscles. Try to hold your position steady for a minute. Take breaks if you feel you’re going to cramp up.

Lunge – The lunge is less intense than the other moves and helps keep you limber. Step forward and bend the forward leg into a 90-degree angle in a kneeling position. Alternate with the other side.



Most likely, you are not a professional trainer. Most executives’ main focus in life is not going to be fitness.

It is important to recognize that you will need to gradually work up resistances and stamina while maintaining good form. If something is hurting, take a break. If a move makes you feel like you’re going to pass out or collapse, do something less intense.

With time, you will be able to master these moves and replace them with even more intense ones.

The feeling of accomplishment in fitness definitely spills over to other areas of our lives, giving us increased self-confidence in other matters as well. Start creating healthy, daily habits of movement now!

Don’t give in to the stress and exhausting schedule of business travel. There is a good reason why industry leaders are often fit and devote lots of time to exercise and travel workout plans.

Travel workouts are the ultimate stress reliever and also helps your mind work clearly and quickly – an advantage that no executive can afford to be without.

Have you found a fitness routine that serves you well regardless of your location and available equipment?

Share your routine in the comments below. As always, there is inspiration to be found in exchanging information with other successful people.

Start your path to health & success now!


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