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Marek Struszczyk

Co-Founder ManagerUp

Why are we talking about spiritual energy in a business blog? Because it is proven that one’s energy is a prerequisite to life happiness and business success.


We recognize that to be successful you need to be “energetic.” However, we normally think only about physical energy. But there are three other types of energy: mental, emotional and spiritual.

Research has already confirmed the relationship between spirituality and success as well as between spirituality and stress resilience. But we often ignore the importance of spiritual energy as we do not even know what it is exactly.

This is why we start this article with the definition of spiritual energy. And then we will answer the following questions received frequently from our readers:

– Does spiritual energy only emit from religious people?

– What happens if our spiritual energy is at a low level?

– Does spiritual energy contribute to a successful and happy life?

– Can spiritual energy influence my productivity at work and my business or career success?


We know of 12 ways to increase your spiritual energy.

Let’s dive in!


Is There a Universal Definition of Spiritual Energy?

In my opinion, the definition of spiritual energy has three main elements:

1. Spiritual energy is the energy generated by the inner “me”, which religious people call the soul.

2. The level of one’s spiritual energy is determined by our deeds and is triggered by our values and convictions.

3. Our beliefs and values define who we are, why we live and what we perceive to be right or wrong. A crook and a volunteer involved in an altruistic activity will have totally different spiritual energies.

Importantly, being spiritual does not mean that you are a good person. The quality of your spirituality depends on your actions. Adolf Hitler or terrorist suicide bombers are examples of very evil, highly spiritual people.

Some people refer to spiritual energy as “vibration”. It based on the conviction that everything around us consists of vibrating energy.


Does Spiritual Energy Only Emit from Religious People?

The short answer is no.

When you read the above definition again, it hardly makes mention of religion.

Religion is simply a structured and institutionalized approach to spirituality. But you do not need to be religious to be spiritual. Religious people understand spiritual energy as a measure of one’s connection to God.

By contrast, non-religious folk source spiritual energy from a higher universal truth or force, the supernatural realm, or simply from their own inner dimension.

As a matter of fact, 38% of Americans who describe themselves as spiritual are not religious. Furthermore, you can be religious and not spiritual. This is the case for 43% of religious citizens in the US. These results come from a study performed by researchers from Florida State University.

No matter if they are religious or not, many people look for connection with the universe and its unifying force. Spiritual energy takes them beyond their narrow self-interests.  Their life purpose is to contribute to the greater good.


What Happens When Your Spiritual Energy Is Low?

 It is difficult to live and work when your spiritual energy level is low.

First of all, as research shows, you may find it more difficult to cope with negative life events.  Spiritual people can always turn to a higher force in times of trouble. The alternative is to rely on social support which is not always available.

If your spiritual energy is low, you are more likely to exhibit addictions. You will also find that addiction recovery is more difficult for you than for spiritual people. These are the conclusions of this study.

People with low spiritual energy are often emotionally lost.

As mentioned, in difficult life situations they look for human support. They seldom take on leadership positions. They prefer to have a boss, or authority, above them who can give them support when needed.

This dependence on another human being sometimes forces people with low spirituality to undertake a desperate search for a life partner. They simply hate being alone. Their relationships may be shorter and they may change partners frequently.

At work, people with low spiritual energy are less likely to lend a helping hand to colleagues. They prefer short term profit to a long-term focus. 


Does Spiritual Energy Contribute To A Successful and Happy Life?

Absolutely, it does. This is also proven by the research from the Florida State University previously mentioned. 

Spiritual Americans are significantly more satisfied with their lives and personal health than non-spiritual ones. It does not matter if they are religious or not.

The Beatles said, “money can’t buy me love”, but the truth is that money can’t buy happiness either. There are interesting studies on the growing affluence of Western societies that do not rank high on the happiness level. You become happier through your spiritual energy but not without it.

Spiritual energy makes you optimistic and courageous. You forgive more easily. In times of adversity, you are able to keep calm.

Spiritual people are less likely to abuse cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. This is because one’s spiritual energy buffers the impact of life stress.

Being spiritual also increases the chance of having better and longer-lasting relationships, even being a better parent or boss.

A common opinion is that money, success and wealth are all expressions of spiritual energy. 


Can Spiritual Energy Influence My Productivity at Work and My Business or Career Success?

Our workplaces are becoming more spiritual. We are living in the 21st century and employees do not perceive themselves as cogs in a big machine. They want to be perceived as human beings doing meaningful jobs. Employees want to work for ethical organizations.  Money is no longer the only reward expected from a job.

Read the findings of a research paper published in the Journal of Management Inquiry.

If you are a leader full of spiritual energy, then you communicate to your employees the meaning and ultimate purpose of their activities. Such a leadership style is far more effective than the “carrot and stick” approach.

Spiritually energized employees are far more likely to sacrifice their egos and self-interests for the sake of the company’s mission and the greater good.

Spiritual leaders are also more empathetic. Their management style allows space for creativity and innovation. They are able to build strong united teams. Their team members feel a sense of connectedness to one another.

Additionally, spiritual energy makes us more stress resilient. Stress perception is much lower when activities performed are meaningful. In general, spirituality protects you from  stressful work events.

Spirituality makes you a better team player. Spiritual Americans (religious or not) tend to do favors for their friends and coworkers. This clearly indicates that spiritual energy improves teamwork capabilities.

In a nutshell, spiritual energy creates better leaders, more motivated and creative employees, stronger teams and a less stressful work environment.

This obviously leads to more successful and productive individuals and organizations with a profound impact on business success.

For useful tips on productivity, please read the following:

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Ways to Increase Spiritual Energy

1. Become Involved in the Religious Activities

I am not trying to convert you to any religion. But I have no doubt that religion can provide you with a useful framework and excellent tools to increase your spirituality.

If you are already religious but non-practicing, then maybe you should consider returning to your congregation for the sake of your own spirituality.

Institutionalized religion is not only a good way to connect to God, but it also provides you with social support when you need it.

Praying together with your co-believers may amplify your spiritual energy in a way that is difficult to achieve on your own.


2. Be Grateful

The more grateful you are, the more spiritual energy you have.

Maybe you take too many things for granted. Do you have a good job and a beautiful family? Are you in good health? I am sure there are many things in your life you should be grateful for.

The relationship between spirituality and gratitude is revealed in this beautiful quote:

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life… It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity… It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.  (Melody Beattie).

It is also important to recognize the beauty of simple things. Enjoy the view of the sunrise when you leave for work each morning. When at the office, appreciate your ability to see, talk and think. When at home be grateful for the miracle of life of your family members.

There is an amazing correlation between the feeling of gratitude and mental health. Therefore, foster your internal sense of gratitude to increase your spiritual level and protect yourself from anxiety and depression.


3. Pray

You do not have to be religious to pray. Prayers do not have to be addressed to God. They may simply contain an earnest wish.

Prayer is probably the most powerful way to increase spiritual energy. It is like opening a door to a higher force or inner “you”. Through the act of prayer, you attract the energy you desire.

I am religious myself and one of my life objectives is to increase my spirituality and make a positive contribution to the world. I believe that you increase your spiritual energy by following God’s commandments and praying. The more you pray, the stronger the link to the higher force. Your spiritual energy grows.

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4. Reflect on Yourself

Spiritual energy comes from two main sources: a higher force and your inner “you” (the soul). This is why it is crucial to find time and space for personal reflection. Self-awareness is the basis of solid spirituality.

Talk to your inner “self” and search there for calmness and positive thoughts. Clarify your dreams and imagine your future. Set up your life objectives. Look for the meaning of existence. This is one of the best ways to find personal happiness.

It does not mean that you should not be critical of your actions. Self-reflection is a good way to learn from your mistakes. But you can increase your spiritual energy if you think about yourself in a positive way. You can talk to yourself by closing your eyes and freeing your thoughts or through journaling.

When you journal, follow all the rules I have listed before, but do not think too much before writing each sentence. Just put down the words as they occur.


5. Meditation

You can only connect to your spiritual energy when your mind is calm and decluttered. This is exactly the objective of meditation.

Meditation takes us away from our hectic surroundings here and now. It allows you to focus on yourself instead. Meditation can be a good starting point for self-reflection or prayer.

It may take you some time before you learn to mediate properly. Be patient if you are new to the meditation world.

In this post, we give some useful advice to the meditation beginners:



6. Get Involved in Charitable Activities

Being spiritual means seeing to and taking care of the needs of others. The readers of my blog tend to have good jobs and reasonable (or high) incomes. Approximately one billion people in the world live in extreme poverty. But we do not need to travel to Africa or Asia to see it. Even in your town, city or state, there are thousands of people in need.

One of the excellent strategies to grow your spiritual energy is to make the world a better place. You can start helping people in your community or poor children in third-world countries.   

Even a small, regular contribution will have a big effect on your spirituality.


7. Be Good to People Close To You

Studies show that spiritual people are kind to those around them. Kindness is very spiritual. Small gestures to friends, coworkers or absolute strangers send very powerful spiritual messages. 

Obviously, it is very challenging to be nice to people who are rude to you. But do not forget that your objective is to create positive vibrations and increase your spiritual power rather than argue or fight.

Although it is difficult, please try to rationalize why rude people are behaving in this way. Maybe they are having a bad day, are under work pressure, or have a health problem. If the behavior repeats again and again, however, it may indicate a toxic personality, and the best you can do is to avoid such people.


8. Quit a Toxic Job and End a Toxic Relationship

Often, spiritual energy is drained by one’s life partner, friends or the work environment.  If you are treated in disrespectful manner, the inner “you” suffers, and your spirituality may end up at rock bottom.

Dishonesty, unfairness or even abuse are practices that do a lot of harm to one’s self-esteem.

You should not tolerate it either in your personal or professional life. If your attempts fail and the situation becomes unbearable, leave the toxic environment.

People who did so report that they recovered their true selves and their life energy increased significantly. They also say that such bad experiences should be treated as valuable life lessons for the future.


9. Control Your Thoughts

Thoughts are a powerful tool to increase spiritual energy. It is important to be conscious of our thoughts, values, and beliefs. The wonderful (and scary) thing is that our thoughts are the road map not only to spirituality but also to the future.

What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny.Robin S. Sharma


10. Set Your Spiritual Goals

Do you set goals for your business, projects and personal development? Please follow the same process to set goals to increase your spiritual energy.

First, analyze the starting point: your values and beliefs. Then do some research on the spiritual options that may fit you. Think about how you want to benefit from spirituality? Do you want to become a better person or better leader? Do you want to define spiritual objectives for your business, or your department? Do you want to understand the meaning of life? Do you want to become a calmer, more stress resilient person?  

There are so many options.

Then visualize yourself a year from now. What kind of spiritual person do you want to be? Then, choose your strategy. Do you want to follow the religious path to spirituality? Or maybe you want to connect to the deeper “inner you.”  

Answer these questions before drafting a plan on how you want to get there. Make a list of all possible actions:


– Incorporate spiritual rituals in your weekly routine

– Read books on spirituality


– Start participating in religious services

– Each week do one good deed

– Volunteer at a local charity

– Start spiritual classes

– Pray, etc.

It’s okay to start small: just one action the first week. Then, slowly build on that. You will become a new person soon!


11. Follow Spiritual Rituals

Any habit needs rituals. If you want to grow stronger muscles, you need to exercise regularly. The same applies to spirituality. You need regular spiritual rituals to steadily grow your spiritual energy.

They can be as simple as a 5-minute prayer in the morning. Or a 10-minute meditation.

You can attend regular religious services once a week. Or you can start your self- reflection process by journaling each day at the same hour.


12. Read Spiritual Books

We hope that this post has been a good inspiration for you. But to really become spiritual, you need to learn how to create a connection with a higher force and the “inner you”.

There are many excellent books on the market that can help you become more spiritual.

If you are religious, start reading your holy book. For example the Christian bible, the Jewish Torah or the Muslim Quran. There are plenty of books on Buddhism, too.

Of interest, there are books on business spirituality. We will soon write another post suggesting some specific titles.

Did you find this post helpful? Did it inspire you to start growing your spiritual energy? Please share your story with us in the comment section below. Please let us know how being more spiritual has impacted your happiness and work performance.


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