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Marek Struszczyk

Co-Founder ManagerUp

Last modified: June 7th, 2023

To be successful in business – and in life – you need to be energetic. You need to be able to maintain your energy levels and constantly replenish them. And your spirituality and spiritual energy levels are especially important, particularly when it comes to business.

Generally, when we think of energy, we think of physical energy. But there are actually three types of energy: mental, emotional, and spiritual. And all sources are equally valuable in fuelling your success. However, we often ignore the importance of spiritual energy as we do not know what it is exactly.

Essentially, it is the energy generated by the inner self, which religious people call the soul. The level of one’s spiritual energy is determined by good deeds and our values and convictions.

While we already know a lot about how physical and emotional energy can impact us in our lives, often spiritual energy is overlooked. That is why I am going to focus specifically on spiritual energy and how you can use it to improve your success in business. It will even help increase your stress resilience too.

What is Spiritual Energy?

To understand what spiritual energy is, we should first break it down into its main elements:

  1. Spiritual energy is the energy generated by the inner “self”. It’s the part of us that religious people call the soul.
  2. The level of one’s energy is determined by our deeds and is triggered by our values and convictions.
  3. Our beliefs and values define who we are, why we live and what we perceive to be right or wrong. A crook and a volunteer involved in an altruistic activity will have totally different spiritual energies.

In a nutshell, it is our actions that stem from how we perceive ourselves on the inside. How we perceive our place in the world. Our spiritual energy is connected to our motivations, our drivers and our passions.

For a more tangible definition, some people refer to spiritual energy as a “vibration”. It is based on the conviction that everything around us consists of vibrating energy.

Let’s also establish here that being spiritual does not inherently mean that you are a good person. The quality of your spirituality depends on your actions. You don’t need to look very far to find examples of very evil, highly spiritual people, consider terrorist suicide bombers or even Adolf Hitler. They were spiritually motivated with horrific repercussions.

Does Spiritual Energy Only Emit from Religious People?

The short answer is no.

When you read the above definition again, it hardly makes mention of religion.

Religion is simply a structured and institutionalized approach to spirituality. But you do not need to be religious to be spiritual. Religious people, however, understand spiritual energy as a measure of one’s connection to God.

By contrast, non-religious people source their energy from a higher universal truth or force, the supernatural realm, or simply from their own inner dimension.

No matter if people are religious or not, they often look for a connection with the universe and its unifying force. Spiritual energy takes you beyond your own narrow self-interests and guides you towards a life purpose where you contribute to the greater good.

Does Spiritual Energy Contribute to a Successful and Happy Life?

Absolutely, it does. 

Spiritual Americans are significantly more satisfied with their lives and personal health than non-spiritual ones. And it does not matter if they are religious or not.

Spiritual energy makes you optimistic and courageous. You forgive more easily. And in times of adversity, you are able to keep calm. It is these qualities that help you lead a happier life. Seeking your energy from within leads to a more satisfying experience. External influences, beyond our control, can lead to an increase in negative energy. But more on that later.

A common opinion is that money, success and wealth are all expressions of spiritual energy. And while this may sound ridiculous, it is not far from the truth. Consider it from the perspective that money, success, and wealth are outcomes of your actions. Actions that have been driven by your spiritual energy.

The Beatles famously said: “money can’t buy me love” and it can’t buy you happiness either. The Beatles weren’t wrong, but it is more about where your money came from or how you earned it.

There are interesting studies on the growing affluence of Western societies which do not correlate to the same growth rate of happiness. You become happier through your spirituality but not without it. If you solely focus on increasing your wealth without considering your spirituality, your money will grow but your happiness will likely plateau or even decline.

Can My Spirituality Influence My Productivity at Work and My Business or Career Success?

Very much so. For the same reasons that you can be more successful in life, you can also be more successful in business.

Recent research found that spiritual leaders can be quite an asset for a business. Leaders full of spiritual energy communicate better and are more likely to unite and inspire their employees.

Likewise, spiritually energized employees are far more likely to sacrifice their egos and self-interests for the sake of the company’s mission and the greater good.

Additionally, spiritually energized people are more stress-resilient. Which can be particularly helpful in stressful workplaces. Highly spiritualized people have been found to have lower stress perception when activities performed are meaningful. In general, spirituality protects you from stressful work events.

Spirituality even makes you a better team player. Spiritual Americans (religious or not) tend to do favors for their friends and co-workers.

In a nutshell, spiritual energy creates better leaders, more motivated and creative employees, stronger teams, and a less stressful work environment.

This obviously leads to more successful and productive individuals and organizations with a profound impact on business success.

What Happens When Your Energy Is Low?

It is difficult to live and work when your spiritual energy level is low.

Research even shows that those with low spiritual energy may find it more difficult to cope with negative life events. Spiritual people can always turn to a higher force in times of trouble. The alternative is to rely on social support, which is not always available.

Studies have found if your energy is low, you are more likely to exhibit addictions. And you will also find that addiction recovery is more difficult for you than for spiritual people.

As mentioned, in difficult life situations, people with low energy look for human support. They seldom take on leadership positions. And they prefer to have a boss, or authority, above them who can give them support when needed.

This dependence on another human being sometimes forces people with low spirituality to undertake a desperate search for a life partner. They simply hate being alone. Their relationships may be shorter and they may change partners frequently.

At work, people with low spiritual energy are less likely to lend a helping hand to colleagues. They prefer short-term profit to long-term focus. 

What is Negative Spiritual Energy?

While we have proven that spiritual energy is a good thing, we also touched upon negative energy. Let’s take a closer look at what negative spiritual energy is and how we can change our mindset to ensure we stay in a positive spiritual place.

Negative spiritual energy presents itself in our thoughts and how we perceive ourselves. Consider incessant negative thoughts, overwhelming self-doubt, and a belief that you are not worthy of your own happiness.

Externally, negative energy can be seen in others that are unable to control their emotions, constantly blaming and always immersing themselves in negative experiences.

Negative energy is heavy and can weigh you down, it works in the opposite way to positive energy and all the benefits we’ve discussed can be inverted.

Being overwhelmed by negative energy can make success in life and business an impossible task.

Harnessing your spirituality for success

There is no doubt we need to harness, maintain and grow our spiritual energy to be successful in life and business. We can be more effective, efficient workers if we live our lives in a spiritually positive way. We will be more resilient and better equipped to manage life’s unexpected events.

Spiritual energy comes from a place within us, religious or not. We can maintain our energy and avoid negative energy by seeking our strength from within and making sure we are following our own path.

Want to learn more about increasing your spiritual energy? Read the second part of this article and discover some proven spiritual energy boosters.



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