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Marek Struszczyk

Co-Founder ManagerUp

In this article, we are offering you prayers for work problems, not just one prayer for work problems, but many. Each one for a different challenge you may face.

Why do we have problems at work?

Because we are not perfect. Everybody: our bosses, our colleagues, even ourselves are imperfect.

Therefore, we make mistakes, disagreements occur, and words are misunderstood. Our clients impose unreasonable demands on us. We all have toxic colleagues, bosses who micromanage or do not appreciate us, team members who procrastinate, etc. The list is long.

Can a prayer for work problems change these situations?

I strongly believe it can!

But even if the situation does not change significantly, the prayer can change you. You can better adapt your reaction to negative occurrences in the workplace. When you make prayer for peace at work a priority, you will see a shift in the way you allow things to affect you. A prayer for work problems will calm you down. It strengthens and guides you.

Prayer isn’t a one-time quick fix.  It is a daily act of intentional giving of yourself and problems to the one who can fix them all.  No matter your belief or background, these prayers can be said to help you through your work problems.  Feel free to change the prayer to fit your religion and beliefs.

Without further ado, let us start with the first prayer for work problems.


Prayers for Work Problems With Your Boss


1. Prayer To Be Appreciated By Your Boss

I know when you’re a hard worker, sometimes your efforts can go unnoticed.  You may come in early, or do more than is required of you. It doesn’t feel good to feel unappreciated. Say this prayer for peace at work when you’re feeling that way.

“Lord, I feel unappreciated.   I work hard and go over and beyond, and my boss doesn’t even seem to notice. 

Help me to remain confident in my hard work and ability, regardless of the validation that I may or may not receive from others.  Help me to trust that if I continue to work hard that you will cause those who are supposed to take notice to see the work that I have done.   Let the opinion of others not be the source of my success, but instead trust that you see all I do and will cause me to succeed.”


 2. Prayer for My Boss to Stop Focusing on My Weaknesses

 There are things that you are great at, and just like everyone else, there are places where you need to improve.  Most people are already aware of what their weaknesses are, but it makes it harder to change when that becomes the focus of your boss.  If your boss is focusing on your weaknesses instead of your strengths, say this prayer for peace at work.

“Lord, help my boss to shift his focus from my weaknesses to my strengths.  Help him to see the qualities I possess that are beneficial to this company.  Help me to work on my weaknesses in a way that my boss is able to see my progress and be confident in may ability.

Show me areas where my sregnths can be used more and ways that I can become better in my areas of weakness.  May I be confident in you, knowing that I can do anything as long as you are here helping me”.


3. Prayer for My Boss to Stop Micromanaging

There isn’t anything worse than your boss constantly looking over your shoulder when you are working.  It can make you feel as if your being treated like a school child. If something goes wrong, your boss takes over the lead, not allowing to do your own job. It causes frustration. Prayer for work problems is just what you need. Say this prayer to help your boss to trust your work.

“Lord, help my boss and me to establish a working relationship of trust.   Help him/her to see that I am responsible and able to handle tasks and complete assignments on my own. 

Give them confidence in my ability to do my job and to follow direction.  Show me ways that I can help to establish trust and confidence with my boss.  Reveal to me how I can give assure that I can do my job. 

Help my boss to deal with any pressure or insecurity that he/she may be receiving from his/her own boss that is causing the micromanagement of others.”


Prayers for Work Problems With Your Coworkers


4. Prayer for Overcoming Conflicts With Toxic Coworkers

Everyone has toxic colleagues who cause unnecessary drama on the job. You need prayer for peace at work when dealing with them. Don’t let their toxic ways impact your day; instead, say this prayer.

“Lord, there is a toxic coworker at my workplace who is sowing discord and strife amongst other workers.  Their actions are harmful and are affecting the team negatively. 

Open the eyes of this individual so that they may see the harm in their own ways. I ask that forgiveness may be in the hearts of those who have been hurt by this person’s actions.

If need be, help us to address this issue with professionalism to find peace at work.  I ask that unity may be among us once again and that we begin to treat each other respectfully.”


5. Prayer for Overcoming Tensions with a Competitive Coworker

Competiton at work is great if you’re a competitive person but can be annoying if you’re not. If you have a competitive coworker who is always trying to compete, say this prayer to end the competition.

“(Lord) Everything at work is a competition with one of my coworkers.  Although I can sometimes be competitive, the need to be competitive daily is draining. 

Help my coworker to see that although a competitive nature is healthy in the workplace, we are also a team that must work in harmony without the constant need for competition. Help them to channel their competitive energy in a positive way that does not affect others negatively. 

Help me to be patient, understanding that not everyone is like me.  Help me to embrace their individuality and not upset by their competitive nature.  Show me a kind and professional way to express my disinterest in their constant competition.”


6. Prayer to Cope Properly With a Lazy Coworker

Some collagues don’t sweat as much as you do. They come late and leave early. They surf the web for hours and take long lunch breaks. They always have a good excuse on why they didn’t deliver. Instead of getting frustrated when they try to pass their work off on others, say this prayer, and avoid problems at work.

“(Lord) I work with people who often put their work off on other people, and it is starting to frustrate me.  I am not sure if it is something they do intentionally or if they are not aware of it. 

Help them to see their gifts and talents and the desire to use them to fulfill the duties of their work.  Give them confidence in their own ability to complete their work and take pride in hard work rather than laziness. 

Give me the boldness to say no.  To no longer take on work that is not my responsibility and to explain why I refuse to do so, in a way that they understand without causing division.”


7. Prayer to Eliminate the Procrastination From Your Team

Proscratination always seems to creep in when you really need to get something done. It can be even more difficult when you are counting on others to deliver on time.  Don’t get upset with your colleagues, say this prayer instead, and find peace at work.

“I understand that everyone operates differently and at a different pace, but I ask that you help us to work in unity.  I believe that I can make clear, concise decisions, and I ask that you help others involved to recognize that.

Help me to explain my thoughts on the decision and why it must be made professionally. Help us not to be overly cautious, but to be confident in our information and the decision we believe to be the right one. 

God, I ask that you take the lead and guide us to a well informed and timely decision.”


Prayers for Work Problems Caused by You

8. Personal Mistakes that Harm Your Company

When you make a mistake that affects your company, it can leave you feeling bad about yourself. Don’t let your personal failure get you down. You can choose to turn what you consider a failure into a lesson. In times like this prayer for peace at work is what you need to move past your mistakes. Mistakes are something we all make and if you focus on them, they will only lead to more mistakes. Move on from your mistakes with this prayer.

“I have made a mistake that has the potential to impact others in a negative way.  I have not lived up to my role as I should, and I need your help.  God, show me what to do and how to move forward in fixing what I have done.  Help others to view my mistake as nothing more and remind them of my hard work and dedication to the company.

Lord, allow this to be an opportunity of learning and growth and not one of embarrassment and shame.  Help me to spot the places that need improvement and the best way to make those changes.  Help me to be more aware of what I am doing and to take notice of when something could be done better.  Let the criticism that I received be used for my betterment and allow me to use it as a push towards better performance.

Help me to move forward no longer making the same mistake and working to prevent future mistakes.”  


Prayers for Work Problems With Your Clients

9. Prayer for Dealing Professionally With a Demanding Client

Demanding clients can be stressful and can cause you even to dread working with him. It is hard to provide good service to a demanding client. Say this prayer to help you next time you have to deal with a demanding client.

“Lord, help me to see the cause of difficulty with our client.  Give me wisdom on how I can better resolve any issues that may be causing unhappiness on their end.  May we meet at a common understanding as to what is to be expected from one another, so there is no let down from unrealistic expectations failing to be met. 

Help me convey what we offer and how we offer it clearly to avoid unreasonable demands from being made.  Give me the grace, patience, and strength to communicate with those who have difficult personalities. 

Help my reactions to be professional and not emotional.  May I think first and have self-control when doing business with those who do not treat me or speak to me as they should.”


10. Prayer for an Impatient Customer

You have probably worked long enough to know that the customer isn’t always right, but you still have to treat them as if they are. That can be hard to do when you are dealing with an impatient customer. Say this prayer for peace at work to help you deal with even the hardest customers.

“I deal with several customers a day, and I understand that they will not all be in a good mood.

God help me to communicate with impatient customers with empathy and satisfaction. Help me to clearly understand what they need and address their concerns in a way that gives them ease.  Help me to have patience in the midst of their impatience.

Help me to control my tone, emotions, and facial expressions when communicating with them. Show me what can be said and done to help calm the customer down and understand that I am here to help.”


 I hope that you have found all the prayers for work problems useful and/or inspirational.

If you are having problems in your workplace, we want to hear how these prayers have helped you to get through them. 

We encourage you to share your experience of prayer with us so that we can rejoice in the positive impact it has made in your life.



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