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Marek Struszczyk

Co-Founder ManagerUp

Last modified: June 8th, 2023

Prayer for success? Does it work?

We all know that success is brought on by hard work, so what does prayer have to do with it?

Well, apparently, a lot!

Let me show you some hard evidence.

Many successful people pray. Top-level CEOs like Arne Sorenson, Indra Nooyi, and Tim Cook. Entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins. Hollywood celebrities like Richard Gere and many others.

Still not convinced?

Who do you think prays more? The American entrepreneurs or people employed on wages or salaries?

Do you think the latter?


American entrepreneurs pray significantly more than the rest of the American population. This has been confirmed in this study.

And who is more successful?

Again, the entrepreneurs. On average, an American entrepreneur earns up to 50% more than the non-entrepreneurial population.

I think you can now clearly see that there is a link between prayer and success.

Of course, success is not only measured in monetary terms.  The word “success” means something different to everyone.  For one, it may mean reaching the very top of the corporate ladder.  While to another, it may mean having their own business and quitting their day job. Regardless of what your personal picture of success looks like, prayer will be the paint to bring your picture to life.

As mentioned before, prayer for success at work is the driving force behind many successful people, whether talked about openly or kept secret behind the four walls of their homes. 

Prayer has been creating success for people as long as people have existed.  So why not let it do the same for you?

If you independently pray regularly or if you are new to the world of prayers. We have provided some powerful prayers for success below. 

They can be used regardless of your beliefs. If you are Christian, you may finish each prayer with “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” Muslims can end with “Peace be upon you and God’s blessings”. 

End each in a way that works for you and what you believe.

Prayers for Success at Work

1. Prayer to Prosper in a New Career

God, starting a new career can be intimidating and downright scary, but I believe this is where I am supposed to be. Bless the work of my hands, prospering everything that I do. 

Fill my mind with creativity and solutions to problems.  Help me to develop a work ethic that attracts prosperity, increase, and promotion. Keep me grounded and humble so that as I prosper, I never forget that it was you who helped me.

Make my light shine in my career where it is needed most. Make my talents clear to those around me that I may be placed in the proper places to prosper.

2. Prayer for Success at a Crossroad in Your Career

God, I don’t know what to do and what direction to take in my career.  Either decision that I make could be good for me, but I want to make the decision that is right. 

Only you know what is right and best for me. God, show me which way to go, and reveal to me clearly what the next step in my career is so that I may follow your direction with confidence.

3. Prayer to Receive Favor in Your Career

Because you love me, I know that your favor surrounds me and is everywhere I go, even when I don’t see it.  Help me to recognize your goodness and favor towards me.

Put me on the path of people that can help to take me to a new level of success in my career. Give me projects and opportunities that will lead to even greater projects and opportunities.

May I be favored among people at every level of my career. May they take notice of your divine hand in my life. 

4. Prayer for Guidance at Work to Success

Every day is full of decisions and choices, and I want to be sure I am making the right ones. 

Guide me throughout my daily tasks and decision-making to ensure that not only I am doing the right things, but I am also doing the things right.

Guide my thoughts and actions so they may be in line with your vision for my career. Show me in what ways I can use my skills for my advancement and success.

Prayers for Business

1. Prayer for Business Success, Growth, and Prosperity

God, only you know the meaning of success for me, and I am trusting that you know how to get me there. Show me the strategies that grow my business and help me to maintain steady personal growth.

Bless me with innovative ideas that will produce prosperity in my business. Show me how to attract consumers who not only remain but bring others with them.

Help me to run my business in a way that is reflective of your heart because with you is success, prosperity, and every good and productive thing that my business needs.

2. Prayer for Success as Your Own Boss

Since all things come from you, I thank you for the entrepreneurial spirit that you have given me. Thank you for the opportunity to be my own boss.

Help me to run my business with your wisdom and be led by your guidance continually. Give me the peace, patience, and leadership to manage others in a way that is fair, professional, and beneficial for the growth of my business.

Help me to make sure that everything is legally in place so that my business may operate as it should and send me the right people to help. 

3. Prayer for Success in My Business Plan

God, you are a God of order and planning. So I come seeking your wisdom for the perfect business plan that would cause my business to flourish. 

Show me step by step what needs to be put in place to breed a culture of success for my business.

You know the hearts of my customers and what they need from my company, so I am trusting you to show me a business plan that will allow me to meet their expectations. Help me to consider every angle of the business, making sure I cover everything and everyone.

No matter what your plan for success is if prayer has helped you get there, we want to hear about it. 

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Leave us a comment; we would love to hear how prayers for success have helped you.


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