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Marek Struszczyk

Co-Founder ManagerUp

Last modified: June 8th, 2023

We know you’re eager to get started with meditation. Over 18 million Americans are experiencing the benefits of meditation, which can be particularly useful for executives who experience high-stress levels.

But just before, check out these meditation tips. They will help you get the most from each of your sessions:

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1. Make a Plan and Stick With It

One of the best meditation tips for executives lies in the power of planning Like in your work, you need a masterplan. Make one and be disciplined enough to follow it. Haphazard never works!

2. Clear Your Mind

This is one of the best meditation tips. Write things down before you meditate to avoid thinking about everything when you start.

3. Start With a Ritual

Create something to open your session with. For example, listen to a special tune.

4. Concentrate on Any One Thing

Breath, image, or a phrase when you meditate.

5. Keep Raising Your Bar

 Keep upping your efforts to lift your motivation levels.

6. Use a Meditation Headband

A Meditation Headband is one of the best meditation tips of all! This wearable device helps users quickly find their focus by utilizing their own brainpower.

Plus, it tracks the activity in your brain to help you set better goals and make you next meditating session more fruitful.

The market has a plethora of them, but we believe in the best.

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7. Have an Accountability Partner

He/She will keep you on your toes in a friendly way.

8. Trust in the Process

 This is one of those meditation tips you shouldn’t ignore. Doubting the steps because of delayed results could spell doom. Be patient.

9. Emphasize on Being Not Doing

Meditation is all about making your mind be at ease, not the task.

10. Switch off the Tech

Another one of the best meditation tips for busy executives is to switch off the tech, including your mobile devices.

11. Guided Meditation Books

Guided meditation books will shorten your learning curve besides reawakening your enthusiasm when slackening off.

We propose exceptional meditation books if you desire to step up your meditation endeavors.

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12. Use Meditation Apps

In today’s tech-obsessed world, there are some handy meditation apps. They blend innovative technologies with meditation techniques to fine-tune the entire process.

Head over to your app store and search for meditation-related apps. You’ll be surprised by the avalanche of options.

13. Use Meditation Accessories

Some accessories can help supercharge your meditation training. Allow us to explain a few. Try these meditation tips to maximize your meditation session!


– Full Body Massager: You can get a body massage that promotes relaxation and help you meditate by using a full body massager.

For managers, a portable massager like this is amazing as you can haul it along when traveling to conferences.

Just lie on it after the meeting and let it work on all your knots and stressed body spots.

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– Essential Oil Diffuser: Essential oils such as lavender and Chamomile are regarded as natural sedatives and promote brain relaxation during meditation. The simplest way to apply them is by dispersing them around your meditation room using an essential oil diffuser.

This aromatherapy diffuser has been all the rage for some time now amongst managers mainly due to its unlimited customization options and could be useful.

Diffuse Tensions and Focus on Your Meditation Session

14. Figure Out the Logistics

You need to somehow find time from your hectic timetable (its best that you consistently meditate daily at the same hour). You also require a serene space to cool off from (certain practices can be done at the office) and a meditation coach/mentor too (in some techniques).

15. Set Up the Perfect Meditating Environment/Room

As I have mentioned above, a meditation room will be a must to optimize the rewards. If you have a chance, raise this with your management team. Alternatively, build yourself a cool private space at home where you can tend to your personal soundness needs.

Either way, locate this away from the noise and any other distractions. Then:

– Avoid harsh artificial lights.

– Decorate it with soothing colors/patterns and install dark curtains.

– Add potted plants for their soothing and composed ambiance.

– Maximize sunlight, as sun’s rays are awesome for your physical and mental goodness.

– Keep it neat and tidy.

16. Tour Dedicated Meditation Sites Occasionally

Even though we recommend that you use your ‘consecrated space’ for meditation always, sometimes a change of scenery will do you more good than harm.

We especially suggest that you tour special meditation ‘holy’ places. You will not only meet others who share in your new hobby, but you also acquire an in-depth understanding of the gurus. You can even attend a meditation retreat.

17. Outdoor Meditation


Practice your meditation session outside. Here are some fantastic outdoor places you can plan on visiting for a hugely satisfying session:

– Nearby mountains.

– Rivers/fountains near you.

– Nature gardens

– Permitted rooftops

These meditation tips will make all the difference during your meditation sessions.

Are you now ready to start meditating?

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Have you tried any of these meditation tips? Tell us how they worked for you in the comments!


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