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My Personal Mission

To provide managers and executives with top in class health, fitness and diet advice so that they can reach the maximum productivity and energy level to be successful and happy in their business and private life.


Experienced Executive

    I started my managerial career at Procter & Gamble in 1995. Since then and for more than 20 years I have been working in different managerial positions in several multinational corporations. For more information about my professional background, I invite you to visit my Linkedin profile.


Personal Story

    My personal story is a story of health turn-around. In 2006 I considered myself as a healthy person. Like you I just had a lot of stress, a sitting job and I did not always pay attention to my diet. But one day I was taken to a hospital with stroke symptoms. I realized how fragile my professional life was.

    Today I am in an excellent health condition. After that horrible event I have spent all the years studying health, fitness and diet and applying this knowledge in my daily managerial practice.


Learned from Experts

    Nowadays I consider myself as a fitness expert and fitness enthusiast from the practical and theoretical side.

    My Knowledge is the summary of my Personal Trainer and Corporate Wellness studies and the latest finding in medicine, fitness and diet. I regularly read the latest updates of the top experts and the leading institutions like Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic and many many others.


Healthy Habits Promoter

    I strongly believe that to reach your career goals and objectives you need to be in a top health and physical form, which does not mean that you should become a professional sportsman or a marathon runner. Like you, I am a professional manager and I know your needs so I invite you to follow my pieces of advice in health, fitness and diet.

My Certificates

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My personal message to you:

On this website you can find plenty of free and useful tips.
Please, learn them and apply in your life!

Be healthy, be successful!


…and if you have a moment and any thoughts or comments,
I would love to hear from you!

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