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Introducing Melatonin Which Will Make You Sleep Like a Baby

We often bring the worries of our work back home with us. You may be troubled by issues at work. Or, you may have demanding deadlines that you need to complete. For several reasons, problems that you face during your day at the office tend to remain stuck in your mind and emerge when you are trying to get to sleep at night.

However, to be able to be at your best at work, you need to get a good night’s sleep. If you find it challenging to get to sleep at night, take a look at our “Melatonin for Sleep” infographic.

This infographic highlights how melatonin helps you sleep when to take it, and the dosage.


See Our Melatonin for Sleep Infographic to Learn How to Sleep Better

What does melatonin do? This hormone supplement is usually available in the form of pills. It reduces the way stress affects us, which helps us to sleep longer and better.

If you are a stressed-out manager, melatonin can help you sleep better.

When you take melatonin, you will not wake frequently at night. It will also help you to fall in sync with your body’s circadian rhythm and reduces cortisol, another hormone that contributes to insomnia.

If you can get to sleep quickly and have a long, sound sleep at night, you will awaken refreshed every morning. You will be alert, and your brain will also be more conscious, thereby improving your cognitive skills. Thus, you may perform better at your job, and it even helps you hone your social skills!


Melatonin: Dosage and Side-Effects

The best time to take melatonin is half an hour before you go to bed.

For the average person, 3 mg daily is the recommended dosage.

Although melatonin is considered safe, a minority of users reported side-effects like headaches and nausea. Therefore, consult a doctor before taking it.


Melatonin for sleep infographic

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