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40 Powerful Mantras for Instant Stress Relief You Will Love

Whatever is your position on the hierarchical ladder, stress is a common factor that we all face in any organization. Our “Mantras to reduce stress” infographic highlights 40 different ways of managing your stress within a mere two minutes.

A mantra is a brief phrase that you repeat many times as you meditate. You don’t need a special time and place for this meditation. When you feel that things are getting out of control, just chant these mantras to yourself in your mind. Feel the tension flow out of your body as you get enveloped in inner peace.


Highlights of Our Mantras to Reduce Stress Infographic

These are not complicated mantras but simple statements that can boost your self-confidence. By saying, “I trust my decisions” or “I am a leader” can work wonders in boosting up your confidence.

The mantras in this infographic highlight how you have held your own and been strong in the most difficult of situations.

This infographic also contains mantras that can calm your mind and reduce anxiety. Deep breathing and chanting “Om” and telling yourself to let things go are a few of the anxiety-relieving mantras in this infographic. It will help you on your way to removing the stressful clutter from your life.

Then, we have also included mantras that reiterate how successful you can be or how you can strive to become a better person.

You will reassure yourself as to how you are going to have the courage and the wisdom to strive and achieve more.


There’s a Mantra for Everyone!

There is something for everyone in our mantras to reduce stress infographic, and we are sure that you will find something for yourself there as well.

So, take a look at our infographic to find out how you can relieve your stressful moments.


Mantras for stress infographic

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