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25 Effects of Flying on the Human Body You Need to Know

Did you know that there are at least 25 adverse effects of flying to the human body? According to our “effects of flying on the human body” infographic here are a few alarming facts that we have put in the form of an infographic for better understanding.


Effects of Flying on the Human Body Infographic Highlights


1. Your chances of catching a cold increase by up to 100 times.

2. Women have a higher risk of breast and skin cancer.

3. Some people may experience hypoxia as a result of reduced oxygen.

4. Your thinking may get scrambled and become fuzzy.

5. You may experience fear and anxiety.

6. Some people are prone to dry eyes while flying.

7. There have been reports of toothache.

8. Bloating is a common symptom observed with frequent flyers.

9. The risk of forming blood clots gets significantly increased.

10. People who fly for long durations experience leg pain, stiffness, and swelling.

11. Some people also suffer from bad breath.

12. Chances of headaches as a result of changes in air pressure.

13. There is a tendency to gain weight.

14. Jet lag is something you may suffer from if you are traveling across time zones.

15. People who fly frequently are believed to age faster.

16. Body dehydration is a common side-effect of flying.

17. Dry skin is also a common occurrence.

18. You may experience earache or a popping sensation due to the sudden difference in air pressure.

19. Your sense of taste gets reduced.

20. You may experience fatigue or drowsiness.

21. Your mind may become dull.

22. You could experience constipation.

23. Some people experience extreme motion sickness.

24. The experience of flying can increase your stress, thereby lowering your productivity.

25. You may also experience dryness in the mouth and lips.


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25 Effects Of Flying

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