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Marek Struszczyk

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Last modified: July 18th, 2023

Have you ever thought about the importance of drinking water?

How important is drinking water for human beings?

Think of it this way. How important is to put fuel in a plane? It’s very important, right? 

Well, the same can be said for getting enough water for your body.

Just like a plant that wilts without water in just a day, so does the human body.

Read on to learn about the importance of drinking water for general well-being.


1. Our Body Is Mostly Water and, Without Water, We Die

It is common knowledge that we are 60% water. If you weigh 70 kgs, you contain 42 liters. Did you know, however, that we can’t store water? We are in the process of losing in from evaporation – through the skin, in urine and feces and from just breathing.

This means it must be replenished to avoid dehydration. The consequences can be serious, if not fatal. We can’t overstate the importance of drinking enough water, given the daily loss that takes place. 

If you want to estimate how much water you lose a day and how much to drink to compensate for the loss, have a look at this post:

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2. Drinking Water Improves Brain Functions

We gave you the stats on the water in the body, but did you know that the brain alone is 73% of the liquid miracle. Our CPU, or central processing unit, must be as hydrated as the rest of the body. Otherwise, nothing functions at its best.

Studies have shown what happens when you fail to drink enough. You are less alert and focused, and your short-term memory declines. In fact, the brain cells are in decline. They need water to operate and must regain balance for maximum efficiency.

If you want brain performance, stay hydrated. So says a study from the University of Barcelona, Spain. It claims that even a small degree of hydration will affect attention and psychomotor function. Most skills will decrease.

Why not nip any problems in the bud, especially you, busy executive!

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3. Drinking Water Regulates Body Temperature

If you have ever felt faint from the heat, you know what body temperature rises can do. We regulate it by sweating through the skin, our largest organ.

We must control this process, especially in the heat or when exercising extensively.

You must sweat to keep cool, but the more you release water in this way, including electrolytes, the more you need to drink to regulate your body temperature, especially under duress. Anyone sweating in the gym or outdoors on a sunny day must be vigilant, cool down, and avoid hydration by drinking water.


4. Water Is Important for the circulation of the Blood Oxygen

The health implications of water are many. It helps combat high levels of cholesterol that are known to damage blood vessels, causing a loss of elasticity. If it is hard for blood to flow, you will incur circulatory problems and ill health.

Keeping off saturated fats is mandatory. It also helps to drink lots of water. Remember that blood is half water!


5. Water Helps You Lose Weight

Weight loss comes from eating less. It is a fact of life. But water plays a part as well. It helps burn calories – by 30%. Those who count will want to maximize the amount that is converted to fat.

Experts say that you should drink half a liter before working out. This will boost your metabolism enough to burn more calories so that you lose weight.

A study revealed that drinking water before breakfast reduces the calories consumed by 13% for an average meal.


6. Water Aids Digestion

Water is essential to the body and the brain. You may not know that it aids digestion.

Water (and other liquids) break down the food we eat to process them for elimination. We absorb nutrients along the way, like vitamins and minerals. You want the food to move quickly through the intestines, so they must be flexible and smooth. Water maximizes digestion and lubricates the gut.


7. Drinking Water Curbs Constipation

No one wants constipation. It is painful to eliminate those small hard stools. Medication can be the culprit along with low-fiber intake.

A poor diet, however, can be offset by drinking water, according to Science. You will appreciate softer stools and fewer bouts of constipation.

Interested in other tips to prevent constipation naturally?

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8. Water Flushes Body Waste

Digestion is an essential process of the body that occurs daily, resulting in the removal of urine and feces.

The kidneys need water to filter waste from the blood. Flushing toxins is vital for good health. Without water, the kidneys can’t do their job. You need to eliminate excess electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and urea. These waste products come from digesting protein.


9. Water Can Prevents Kidney Damage

Okay, we now know the importance of eliminating waste and keeping the kidneys in proper order.

There is another reason. Kidney stones can form if you become dehydrated.

The more urine you produce, the more bacteria can be flushed out with fewer or no urinary tract infections (like cystitis). Drink water and save your kidneys. They work hard.


10. Drinking Water Increases Energy

If you don’t drink water often and in sufficient quantity, you may notice more fatigue.

Oxygen is slower to reach the brain, and your heart is pumping away to get enough to the body organs. You will feel tired and less alert.

Plus, nutrients won’t reach the cells, including those of the brain.

Stay energized by drinking as much as you can. You will be able to concentrate on any tasks at hand.

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11. It Protects Your Tissues, Spinal Cord, and Joints

The joints need lubrication along with the spine and all body tissues. Joints contain synovial fluid to ease friction against cartilage. In short, the bones can rub together if not lubricated.

In addition, you need water to build your muscles, which aids joint protection. In fact, muscle tissue is composed of 75% water. It enhances protein formation to protect joints.

You should know that muscle tone will be reduced during dehydration such that your muscles will not contract properly.

Those plagued with joint pain can get relief with water intake. Water makes cartilage softer and smoother. Without it, you get the friction that causes chronic pain. Think of a wet sponge. When it dries out, it becomes stiff. Such is the case with cartilage. So drink water to avoid the problem and reduce pain.


12. Drinking Water Maintains Blood Pressure

High or low blood pressure is the source of numerous body ills, and they are unfortunately quite common. Water is the best medicine in helping maintain blood flow, better than many medications. What’s more, water reduces heart rate.

Imagine: it happens only after fifteen to twenty minutes. Medical professionals know that water prevents the vasovagal reaction with syncope in blood donors, especially those at high risk for this event.

In addition, it is of significance that water can reduce hypotension. With proper water intake, we can increase low blood pressure and mediate the consequences.


13. Drinking Water Boosts Muscle Performance

We all want better muscle control and performance whether we exercise or not. But gym buffs, in particular, can achieve the best results after drinking water during workouts. If you lose even 2% of your fluids, your goals will be minimized.

Then there is the issue of hydration recovery after exercise. Water improves muscle strength recovery across the board.


14. Drinking Water Forms Saliva and Mucus

Saliva, not surprisingly, is made of 98% water.

Also in this fluid are mucus, enzymes, and electrolytes. Saliva breaks down solid food enhancing digestion.

The amount depends on your water intake. Old age and stress can impair its formation.

You may notice that your mouth feels dry before an important presentation at work. You can solve the problem with immediate water intake.


15. Keeping the Mouth Clean

We need to keep our mouths clean to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, which causes bad breath.

Water will also wash away residual food particles that cause tooth decay. Bacteria love sugar as much as we do. It creates the acid that wears down our precious enamel, the outer shell of the tooth.

Sure, you can try water as panacea and cavity prevention, but why not reduce the intake of sweets and sugary beverages.


16. Water Fights Illness

It is well known that water can prevent certain medical conditions like constipation, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections.

As discussed, it can lower hypotension. In fact, drinking water can prevent other chronic diseases. They have various origins from lifestyle and environmental influences. Even mild hydration can cause death in some cases.

There is never a time to avoid good hydration. It reduces so many risks like urolithiasis, asthma from exercise, infant hypertonic dehydration and hyperglycemia stemming from diabetic ketoacidosis.

Even fatal coronary heart disease, venous thromboembolism, and heart attacks can be kept at bay within proper water intake.


The Myth of the Importance of Drinking Water for The Skin

Most people accept the “fact” that water improves the skin. All you have to do is drink away and your complexion will glow. But this is actually a myth.

You don’t look “moisturized” after a glass of water, nor will you see less acne or dermatitis.

While water helps the body retain good health in so many ways, it is not a way to flush toxins from the skin. Don’t listen to the articles on the internet about water being a beauty protocol.

The reality is that water will not prevent wrinkles. It is a matter of how much sun damage you experience through your life and the genes you inherited.


The Bottom Line

Overall it is safe to say that water is the essence of life. It is everywhere on the planet and in the body.

Tissues and organs can’t function without it, and the brain won’t work to the maximum. We lose water all the time, day or night, and need to replenish often. It is simple hydration.

Not only will hitting your daily recommended intake help you maintain your current state of well-being, but it may also even improve your performance at work.

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