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Marek Struszczyk

Co-Founder ManagerUp

Last modified: June 8th, 2023

Did you know that prayer is one of the most underutilized tools for business success? It’s true. We often focus all our energy on our productivity, drive, hard work, and goal-setting. And we overlook one of the most critical tools we have at our disposal – prayer and our connection with G-d. Our connection with G-d, which we achieve through prayer, is particularly relevant when it comes to our business success.

Once you understand this, it can change your entire life, including the way you approach your business.

From here, the next step is learning how to pray to unblock the heavenly channels. Then you can properly follow the key principles of praying to develop effective business prayers.

The book “How to Be More Successful in Business with Prayer” teaches you these concepts and tells you how to apply them to your personal situation to create prayers for your own business success.

The link between spirituality and business success

If you follow our blog, you’ve likely seen our series of posts on how mindfulness and spirituality are critical aspects of success in business. Setting spiritual goals, harnessing your spiritual energy, and engaging in spiritual practices are all ways that you can start to find real meaning and fulfillment in your career. They help increase your professional potential and tie your business success to improving the lives of others.

When you bring your spirituality to the workplace, you bring a version of your “whole” self with you. You approach your tasks as a complete individual—a person with both a spiritual and physical identity. 

As you understand your motivations, drivers, and passions, you will increase your spiritual energy and can harness it to set both spiritual and business goals. Over time, you will learn how to transform these goals into actionable items and eventually into success. Your financial goals for your business will not be rooted in your “self,” but rather, in how you can make things better for others or solve problems around you.

You will also find that carrying your spirituality with you into the office increases your happiness in your personal life too. This is because it allows you to be your authentic self all of the time. This increased happiness will translate into more compassion, less stress, better communication, and more energy in the workplace. With these characteristics, you will grow into a higher-quality leader.

Spirituality and religion

Many spiritual people also consider themselves religious. They seek ways to incorporate their religious practices into their professional life.

While prayer is one of those common religious practices, it was traditionally considered inappropriate in professional settings. So many leaders who practiced their religion devoutly at home didn’t bring it to the office with them. But thankfully, times are changing.

Religious executives are increasingly practicing prayer in the workplace, and many see actual results from their efforts. They find that prayer guides their decisions, comforts them, reduces stress, and improves relationships.

Some individuals who recognize that G-d is the owner of their business have even started office prayer impact teams. These teams combine the spiritual and professional goals of their teams and unlock success through the act of many people praying for the same outcome.

Now look at your own business and professional life. Are you placing enough emphasis on prayer, or is it the one thing you are missing out on in your busy day-to-day schedule? Is being mindful and spiritual enough, or do you feel the calling to take it a step further?

Are you ready to incorporate prayer into your business strategy? Start by learning how to formulate specific intentional prayers for business. These prayers will help you in all different aspects of your business life, and yes, they really work.

How can prayer make me more successful?

In the same way, you would consult a mechanic if you have trouble with your car. You should also consult with your heavenly Creator whenever you face challenges in your personal or professional life.

Incorporating daily intentional prayers in your business life can help ensure you remain on track to run your business in a way that aligns with your core values. It can also help you hear G-d’s voice more clearly and make better decisions feeling confident that G-d is on-board with your plans.

For example, if you have a problem that seems overwhelming at work, you can ask G-d through prayer to tackle it with you. Prayer can even help you to find a more satisfying career because G-d alone knows what your heart truly desires and also the capacity of your talents.

Sounds great, right? It is. However, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you just don’t know the right words to say or how to make your prayers intentional and specific, so you give up or fall out of practice. When this happens, once again, you may find yourself regulating prayer to just your personal life.

That’s why, although prayer and a connection with G-d are very personal things, strategies exist that you can use to construct more effective prayers and keep your habit of prayer in the workplace until you see the results. Reading “How to Be More Successful in Business with Prayer” will help you understand the proper formula to use.

How to pray for business success?

As you read through the book How to Be More Successful in Business with Prayer, you will learn how praying can help you land a dream job, succeed in business, or accomplish specific business goals. You will also learn the right approach to effectively use the tool of prayer and how to formulate powerful prayers for business success.

The book covers the following topics, which are vital to learning how to pray for business success:

  • How to pray with humility— Learn how to pray without arrogance or pride to increase the chances that G-d will hear and answer your prayers.
  • How to pray positively —Understand the importance of staying positive and optimistic while remaining humble. You will learn to phrase your prayers positively and avoid any negative thoughts.
  • How to pray calmly —Learn tips to avoid the “fight or flight” mode in prayer. Learn to focus on calmly setting aside time and removing distractions so you can effectively devote time to proper prayer.
  • How to pray with intention—Learn how to craft your prayer so that it is intentional and ready to receive the answer from G-d you will need to implement it in your life.
  • How to pray simply —G-d appreciates simple and heartfelt prayer. As humans, we often overcomplicate things, even our prayer life. Learn how to pray simply and from the heart.
  • How to pray regularly —As with anything in business, it is through regular practice that you achieve things. The same rules apply to prayer. You will learn how to connect with G-d regularly to show Him he is a priority and make prayer a part of your schedule.

You will also learn the importance of:

  • Visualizing your prayers —Understand how visualizing the things you pray for will help you have the energy and motivation to achieve them.
  • Praying Aloud —Enact the practice of praying out loud and see the difference it makes in your prayer life and connection with G-d.
  • Asking Questions —Identify how to focus the questions you ask G-d the right way and avoid the wrong types of questions in your prayer life.

Start today to pray for success

By now, you’re surely asking yourself whether you are using the power of prayer to make good things happen in your life.

Maybe you do pray about your business but aren’t seeing any results. Changing your frame of mind and the way that you approach your conversations with G-d can make a world of impact on the results that you receive.

Remember, prayer is a powerful tool that you can use to unlock spiritual channels and change the path of your life. G-d is ready to listen if we open ourselves up to Him the right way and formulate our prayers using the right frame of mind.

Are you ready to unlock all the positive things that prayer can do for your business and professional life? If so, why wait any longer? Grab your copy of “How to Be More Successful in Business with Prayer” to learn tangible things you can do today to start unblocking the heavenly channels as quickly as possible.

We guarantee that once you find the right connection with G-d, the results you see will greatly surprise you.


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