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Whether you spend the majority of your time in airports flying to conferences and business meetings or consider your vehicle your primary office, it is important to have a selection of healthy travel snacks at the ready.

The right snacks will help you feel energized, focused, and satisfied so that you do not turn to fast food or convenience store snacks.

The following are eight healthy travel snacks that require minimal planning and preparation. Best of all, they are tasty and portable so that you can carry them with you no matter where your day may take you.

Executive Summary

healthy travel snacks

Healthy Travel Snacks For Your Business Trips


Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and even whole flax seeds can be roasted to create crunchy, protein-packed healthy travel snacks. Seeds are an excellent source of fiber, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. It only takes a couple of minutes to toast up seeds tossed with a little olive oil and your favorite seasoning. If you do choose to purchase pre-roasted seeds, be sure to choose varieties that are low or reduced sodium.

Trail Mix

There is no rule that says that you have to settle for just one snack. You can always combine several of your favorite healthy travel snacks into a custom trail mix. By choosing your own dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, you can control the salt and sugar content and experiment with unique ingredient combinations.


Jerky contains 9.4 grams of protein per ounce. If you pair your jerky with a little fresh fruit for some carbohydrates, you should feel full and energized until you are finally able to stop for a proper meal. As an added bonus, jerky is a good source of iron and zinc, which can help boost your immune system.

Dark Chocolate

Cacao is a natural stress reliever and an excellent source of antioxidants and magnesium, which benefit cardiovascular health. Look for dark chocolate that is at least 70 percent cacao to get the most benefit. Combine a handful of dark chocolate chips with some nuts or a cup of Greek yogurt for a satisfying, protein-packed snack that you can eat on the run.

Snack Bars

Although snack bars sometimes get a bad reputation for having too much sugar and sodium, they can make healthy travel snacks if you know what to look for. Look for bars that contain whole, natural ingredients, such as fruit and nuts, fewer than 200 calories, 5-10 g protein, and that are low in sugar. Kind and LaraBar are two brands that score high terms of offering plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


When it comes to healthy travel snacks, fresh fruit is pretty much a no-brainer. Fruit is highly portable and requires little to no preparation. Grab an apple, banana, or a handful of grapes along with a couple of pieces string cheese as you head out in the morning and you are good to go.

Roasted Chickpeas

Not only are chickpeas loaded with protein, but they can also help lower your cholesterol. Although normally associated with hummus, chickpeas can be roasted to create a crunchy, satisfying snack that is easy to carry with you in a small container or baggie. You can even have fun by seasoning them up with your favorite spice or herb combinations.

Are you interested in healthy eating? Read our post about healthy eating when traveling. And avoid the pitfalls that you may encounter from when you arrive at the airport to the post-meeting drinks with clients.

What are your go-to snacks for when you are on the go all day? Let us know your favorite healthy travel snacks in the comments below.

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