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Marek Struszczyk

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Last modified: June 22nd, 2023

The fast-paced life of an executive can make it hard to prioritize working out. Easy exercises to do at home can make this task a breeze!

Although it may seem like we don’t have enough time, the reality is that we must make time and exercise at home is likely our best option.

Find out Quick and Easy Exercises for Healthy Executives to do at Home.

A healthy body and mind are a necessity for running any company or corporation. As executives, we can’t afford to be constantly tired, sick or weak. Our livelihood and that of our employees depends on us. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a break from a busy and stressful schedule with exercise.

According to a study, executives who are perceived as obese or overweight are also perceived as less effective in the workplace.

For some of us, this may seem like a harsh judgment but, the business world favors executives that hold their own personal life and health to just as high a standard as their job.

A heavy executive can be deemed less capable because of how weight affects health and stamina.

To overcome these perceptions and gain some healthy perspective in the process here are some easy exercises to do at home, before or after work, or whenever you have a few minutes of free time.

Executive Summary:

Easy exercises to do at home

1. Jumping Jacks

A healthy heart is immensely important for a busy executive. If there is one exercise that we can do to help beat stress, strengthen our bodies, and increase productivity it is some form of cardio.

Jumping jacks are good for the glutes, hip flexors, and quadriceps and you can do them at home, in the office, in a hotel room, or anywhere! No equipment is needed, except maybe some supportive tennis shoes.

To challenge yourself with this exercise try using a Fitbit Smartwatch. You’ll be able to track your heart rate and fitness level.


2. Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands are another great choice for executives because they are easily portable. Simply stash them in your briefcase, or suitcase while traveling, or keep them next to your bed so you can get in a short workout right when you wake up.

Try these simple exercises; bicep curl, tricep extension, chest press and bent over rows. These exercises are good for the chest, biceps, triceps and upper back; which are muscles executives need to strengthen to prevent slouching while sitting.


3. Plank

If you choose one strength exercise from this list, choose the plank! Planks are great for core strength and stabilization, as well as toning and shaping the muscles of the entire body.

Start out on hands and knees and place hands firmly on the ground with fingers spread wide for optimal balance. Lift knees so that you’re balancing on toes making a long line from the heels to the crown of your head. Engage core, breathe evenly and keep shoulders directly over wrists.

Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds and repeat. Challenge yourself to do this every day and see if you can increase your time!

Planks are also great at reducing belly fat, a problem that many executives share as a consequence of unhealthy eating habits and stress. Learn five more surefire ways to lose belly fat in the post Tips And Tricks For Battling Belly Fat.

4. Squats

Squats are an exercise any executive can do in any setting and with any clothing attire! Squats are good for calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps, muscle groups executives don’t use as frequently as they should as a result of sitting all day.

Start by standing with feet hip-width apart, lower hips down so that knees come to about a 90-degree angle (like you are going to sit in a chair), press firmly into feet and return to standing. Make sure to keep back straight and tall, no bad posture!

Try starting with 3 set of 10 reps. Want more of a challenge? Grab a weight (or heavy object) to add some resistance.

5. Walking Lunges

Lunges require a little more coordination and balance, something that all executives can use more of. Instead of just walking down the hallway to bed at night (or to your next meeting), try lunging!

Step right foot forward for a wide split stance, squat down so right knee comes to a 90-degree angle and left knee almost touches the floor. Straighten legs and step left foot forward and repeat. Make sure to get an even amount of reps in on both sides.

6. Push-Up

Push-ups are great for strengthening the muscles of the chest, abs, shoulders, and triceps. They can be modified or intensified for any level.

Start out in a plank position with core and legs engaged, lower body down so arms come close (but not less than) a 90-degree angle. To modify place knees on the ground or, bring the ground to you and start in plank position with hands on the side of your bed or a higher sturdy piece of furniture.

Try doing 20 push-ups every time you get out of bed in the morning! This a great way to get the blood pumping and start the day on a productive note.

7. Sit Ups On Balance Ball

Balance balls are great for added stability work, this exercise is great for any executive to promote a stronger core and better posture. This is important for executives because according to Research conducted at Ohio State University, it was concluded that with better posture, people were reported to have higher levels of self-esteem, better mood, and more confidence.

Start seated on the ball with both feet flat and firmly planted on the ground. Place hands behind head and slowly lean back, keeping core engaged and not rounding shoulders. Lean as far back as possible keeping good posture and then return to seat.

Try doing this every day for optimal core strength!

8. Jump Rope

Executives need a healthy heart! Jumping rope can easily be done at home with results after only a few minutes each day. This can be done with a jump rope or without.

Try switching it up by jumping with two feet, one foot, or even double jumps. This is an easy exercise to do at home every morning!

9. Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are a more advanced exercise but, great for strengthening the triceps and shoulders, while also increasing shoulder mobility.

Start in a seated position on a sturdy chair or the edge of your bed with feet firmly plants. Place hands on the edge of your seat with fingertips falling over the edge and the palm of the hand planted. Straighten arms and lift hips off the seat, bend elbows and lower hips down in front of the seat, straighten arms to return to starting position.

This exercise can put extra pressure on the shoulders and wrists; try relaxing the shoulders before doing this exercise and if there are any wrist or shoulder injuries try the triceps exercise with resistance bands stated previously.

10. Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are easy to use and something each executive should have in their home for a low impact cardio option.

Using a bike is a great easy exercise to do at home for executives because you’re able to place your work right on the desk and go over meeting notes, appointments, or take phone calls, all while riding the stationary bike.


Exercising doesn’t always have to be hard and all executives can make time in their busy schedule to get some form of activity each day.

These 10 easy exercises to do at home can be done all together or a single exercise at a time, executive’s choice!

Promote the perception of a healthy executive and the overall health of your company will reap the benefits as well. Find more advice on easy exercises to do at home on our top fitness books selected with executives in mind.

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Have you tried any easy exercises at home? What are your tips and tricks for other executives?


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