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Marek Struszczyk

Co-Founder ManagerUp

Last modified: June 8th, 2023

Do you find it difficult to effectively and efficiently manage your day? Are you having difficulty retaining information you read in a short amount of time? Between distractions, multitasking, too little time and too little of you to go around, each second of your day is invaluable.

The good news is that you can learn how to concentrate on reading more effectively with these quick and easy-to-follow tips to save time and money.

How to concentrate on reading best practices begin with the elimination of distractions to optimize your time most effectively. Find a quiet place with good lighting and a good chair that is free of distractions. Get away from your desk if it is not an option for interruption-free reading. Be sure that you also turn off all phone notifications, including your emails and online dating matches.

Notifications are equally as much a distraction as human interruptions. You might also consider some lyric-free music that will help you to concentrate on the reading material at hand. Once you find your sweet spot, try to return to the same spot each time you need to read something with intense focus on how to concentrate on reading in an efficient manner.


2. Ideal Time of Day

The time of day you read is important to how to concentrate on reading. You do not want to read at a time when you are prone to being drowsy. This will be different for everyone. If you become slightly comatose and zombie-like after you eat, do not plan to read after lunch.

A psychologist from the University of Sussex, Dr. Jane Oakhill, completed a number of experiments demonstrating that different times of the day are ideal for specific memory actions. She states that:

– The early morning is ideal for research;

– Midday is ideal for activities such as errands and busy work;

– Late afternoon and early evening is best for applying new information.

She also goes on to say that these times may shift earlier or later based on whether or not you are a morning or night person.


3. Reading Intervals

Another top methodology on how to concentrate on reading includes reading in intervals.

The book “The Effective Executive,” by Peter Drucker, who is often considered the father of business management, states that the ideal amount of time for focusing on a single task, such as reading, is 50 minutes. After this amount of time, it is essential to take a 10-minute break for your brain to maximize efficiency.

If you try to power through, you will begin to lose concentration and your will no longer be able to absorb information as effectively.  Get more tips about productivity reading some of these books. Read them and start training your attention now!

Another way on how to concentrate on reading is that during your breaks, try to participate in activities other than work such as checking those matches, chatting with friends, working out, cooking or participating in any other personal task you wish to tackle to keep your mind free from work stresses.


4. Clear Your Mind

Try to take a minute or two prior to the start of your reading session to meditate.

A clear mind is a sure way of how to concentrate on reading most effectively. It is recommended that you meditate prior to an intense reading session. If you only have a few minutes to decompress, close your eyes and take several deep breathes which will allow you to clear your mind from clutter and distractions. And, focus on one task at a time and breakdown the reading material into more manageable pieces when the content is technical and complicated.

If you need help to relax your mind in your executive lifestyle, try a meditation headband.

Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and clear your mind. A meditation headband monitors and improves your meditation practice.

For more meditation techniques, check out our exclusively selected yoga and meditation books for executives and entrepreneurs.


5. A Quick Scan And Establish Goals

A few more essential best practices on how to concentrate on reading include scanning and setting goals. Read with a goal in mind. What is the purpose of the material and what do you hope to achieve by the end of your reading session? When you answer these questions before you begin, you will be able to more easily and more quickly spot relevant information and disregard the information that does not add value to your end goal.

And, be sure to scan the headings, titles and body of the material before you dive in without any idea of whether or not the material will be beneficial to your goals.


6. Exercise

A study at Leeds Metropolitan University revealed that the effects and impact of exercise during the day lead to greater productivity, more effective time management, improved relations with coworkers and enhanced levels of satisfaction upon the return home.


This could be as simple as taking the stairs rather than an elevator or walking around the outside of the facility for 20 minutes. Get more easy tips about how to get fit here.

It is imperative for your work productivity and job satisfaction to get up and move throughout the day.

Additional cognitive benefits also occur with the implementation of exercise on a regular basis that can maximize how to concentrate on reading such as:

– Elevate Mood

– Enhanced Creativity

– Faster Learning

– Improved Concentration

– Lower Stress

– Prolonged Mental Stamina

– Sharper Memory


Take advantage of the growth and success of the executive and entrepreneur community by sharing your how to concentrate on reading tips. Leave your ideas below and benefit from the strength of this dynamic community.


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